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to Preshute Church of England Primary School



A Popular Village School

Preshute Primary is a popular village school located in the village of Manton. We have over 200 children on roll aged from 4 – 11 and have one class per year group from Reception to Year 6.


We were very pleased with the result of our last Ofsted inspection. The inspectors were very thorough and very professional and we are sure they got a very accurate picture of the school. Since 2011 we have continued to strive for excellence and in November 2014 the Local Authority’s School Improvement Advisor described us as an outstanding school .This year we were also ranked among Wiltshire’s top 10 best performing primary schools for the second time in 4 years. A copy of the Ofsted report can be found here.

SIAS Report

View our latest SIAS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools) report. Find it here.

Visiting Preshute...

We are always happy to show visitors around. Please contact the office to arrange a visit.

Please don't forget...

Please can you return the ReadWriteInc books to school as your child works through them.


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