Our School Day

School day timings

The morning session begins at 8:55am and finishes at 12:00pm and the afternoon session is from 13:00pm to 15:15pm.

Classes R, 1 and 2 will finish at 15:05pm, classes 3 and 4 at 15:10pm and Classes 5 and 6 at 15:15pm. This will ease congestion at the school gate.

Provision is made for a fifteen minute break during the morning session and a similar break during the afternoon session for children in classes R, 1 and 2 although this is at the teacher’s discretion and is not always taken.

Approximately twenty-two and a half hours are spent on teaching Years R-2 in a normal week. Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 receive approximately 25 hours teaching time. These times include daily acts of collective worship and registration.

Children should arrive no later than 8:50am so that a prompt start may be made when the bell is rung at that time. The doors to school open at 8:45am.

Children should be collected at the times shown above unless they are staying on for organised clubs or other activities. Children in Infant Classes should be collected from their teachers at the school gate.

Class Letters

Keep up to date with what's been happening in Reception Class this term

November 2015

Hot Lunches

Download and print off the latest hot lunch menu.Please remember keep a note of which days you have ordered.

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After School Clubs

This year we are offering several after school clubs.

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