Early Bird, Fun Club and After School Clubs

Fun Club hours have been extended to 6.00pm*

Early Bird and Fun Clubs

Our popular Early Bird and Fun Clubs provide child care before and after school. Both clubs are staffed by our Teaching Assistants and Midday Supervisors so that the children are looked after by familiar faces.

Early Bird

Early Bird Club is available from 8.00am and is £3.00 per child.

Fun Club

Since September 2017, Fun Club hours have been extended to 6.00pm* in response to a parent survey. This applies Monday-Thursday; on Friday the finish time is 5.15pm.

If there is demand for a later finish time on Fridays in the future we will review the situation again. A term’s notice will be given for any future changes.

Bookings and payments

Both Early Bird Club and Fun Club are on a first come, first served basis.

As of September 2017 the pricing structure for Fun Club will be as follows:

3pm - 5.15pm: £7.50 (The cost of Fun Club has not been increased for the past 4 years, we have therefore increased prices by 50p due to inflation)

3pm – 6pm: £10.50

Click here for a copy of the Fun Club/Early Bird contract.

Further details

For further details about Early Bird and Fun Club arrangements and forms, please contact the school office.

Most after school clubs start at 3:15pm and finish at 4:00pm or 4:15pm.

Our clubs

Parents are always told of finishing times in advance of the clubs start date.

All our providers have appropriate qualifications, DBS clearance and public liability insurance.

Unfortunately we have to make a small charge for clubs to cover costs but if you are in receipt of certain benefits we may be able to help you with some costs . Please talk in confidence to the Head Teacher if you need help meeting the cost of any activity.

Please be aware that unforeseen circumstances may result in change.

Lunchtime clubs

In addition to after school clubs, we also run a number of lunchtime clubs throughout the year. These include recorder lessons for beginners and advanced players, run by Anya Bellamy and sewing club.

List of clubs

Current clubs are listed on the home page.

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