Visits, Visitors and Residential Trips

Children will be able to take part in activities outside of school

During the course of the year, children will be able to take part in activities which involve either a trip outside of school, or a visitor coming in to work with the children.

These fall into two categories:-

Class-specific visits and visitors

Visits and visitors that relate to a specific theme or area of the curriculum; these are usually class specific. For example, already this academic year, Year 6 have visited Hampton Court to support their class topic on the monarchy, Year 3 have visited Avebury, and Year 5 have had a visit by the "Highway Man", in the context of their work on crime and punishment.

Whole-school visits and visitors

These include:

  • Visits by theatre companies and music groups throughout the year.
  • Christmas visits to the pantomime by the infants and juniors.

Sometimes a charge is made for these visits but any contributions will be in line with the Local Authority’s policy on Charging for Voluntary Activities.

No child will ever be prevented from taking part if the charges can not be met and there is money available at the discretion of the Headteacher to assist those who are unable to make the contribution.

Residential visits bring great value to children

Here at Preshute we value the educational and social experiences that children can gain from residential visits and consider them an integral part of the children’s education.

Junior children are given the opportunity to participate in residential visits that last from 2 days to a full week away from home. Our programme of residential visits not only complies with and enriches the National Curriculum requirements but also supports the social and personal development of our children. They enhance the very good relationships between adults who work in school and pupils.

Last year our Year 3 pupils went to Oxenwood overnight and Years 4 and 5 went to Plas Pencelli for two nights. Year 6 usually go to to Charterhouse for four nights for their residential (most recently in March 2020).

For our policy on off site education please click here.

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