Welcome from the Chair

The current chair is Andrew Houchin.

What do Governors do?

  • Set the strategic direction of the school.
  • Agree priorities, based on self - evaluation, that drive school improvement.
  • Agree policies to help the school run on a day to day basis.
  • Set targets with the staff and Headteacher to ensure that the school attains its best in all areas.
  • Monitor the school's actions relating to these targets.
  • Work closely with to support the staff in attaining their targets.

Why do we do this?

In order to ensure that all children have a positive learning experience during their time at Preshute.

When do we do this?

The full Governing body meets 6 times a year. That is once in every Wiltshire School Term.

There are committees which meet to manage Teaching and Learning and Strategy, Finance and Operations.

How do we manage all these areas of responsibility?

  • By being available to work with staff.
  • By monitoring the progress of the school towards its targets.
  • By meeting with the school's staff to set school priorities and to create a new School Development Plan focussing on school improvement.
  • By meeting with parents and pupils to discuss their school.
  • By engaging with the local Authority to be trained in new developments and initiatives.

If you have anything that you would like to discuss, please feel free to email me:, catch me at the school gates or leave a message at the school office.

Our Governors

We have 15 Governors on the Governing Body:

6 Co-opted governors:

Julia Dowdeswell
Lindsay Long
Judy Pitts
Laura Leeming
Zoe Garbutt

2 Staff governors (including the head teacher)

Claire Graham

Jess Knowles

3 Foundation governors appointed by the Church:

Revd Miri Keen
Andy Houchin
Liz Bonham

1 Authority governor appointed by the LA:

Joyce White

3 Parent governors:

Lorraine Perry
Our Clerk to the Governors is Laurien Carter

PRESHUTE GOVERNORS, resigned 2014/15

Mike MacLachlan 3.10.13-31.8.15





Strategy Premises Finance= 4/4



5.1.13-January 2015




Strategy Premises Finance=1/1

Our Committees

We have the following 2 committees:

Strategy,Planning & Operations: covers items such as managing the school budget, staffing, premises, health & safety, as well as the day to day operation of the school.

Teaching & Learning: covers what is taught at school, foundation items and assessment & attainment.