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Preshute Primary School

School Day

September 2022

From Friday 2nd September

Pupils are to be in school from 8.45am  for a prompt 9.00am start. 

The school gates (to the playground and  classrooms) and the school door (to the main school) will open at 8.45am. The school gates and main door will be closed at 9.00am. After that time, all children must enter the school by ringing the bell at the main door.

8.45- 9am  ~Drop off at the school gates
9am Registration 
9.10am Collective worship



Break time is staggered 

11am-12pm Lessons

11.45am-for Class R


Lunchtime is staggered


3.05pm Class R -2 

Class 3 - 6


Class 6 leave the site independently 


Approximately twenty-two and a half hours are spent on teaching Years R-2 in a normal week. Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 receive approximately 25 hours teaching time. These times include daily acts of collective worship and registration.